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Important note: Our shortened catalogue descriptions are intended for easy guidance. Products must always be used according to the manufacturer's instructions by qualified users.
Please note warnings. Always read the instruction manuals carefully before using the product so that you use it in a correct and safe way. The non-observance of instructions may cause risks for patients, users and third parties, such as injuries, material damages or other undesirable effects.
Please contact our medical product consultant or the manufacturer directly, if you have any questions about the proper use of a product.


Articulator Arti-Star (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Anti-Fog Protection Glasses

astron® CLEARsplint®  - Instructions

astron® CLEARsplint® Discs - Instructions

astron® CLEARsplint® discs - special print  (Excerpt from the magazine "das dental labor")

astron® CLEARsplint® Discs - The Original (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

astron® CLEARsplint® Brochure
Clearsplint® resin, Labtec Pro, Labtec Reline, Clearsplint® CAD/CAM Pro, CLEARsplint® Discs

astron® CLEARsplint® CAD/CAM Pro - Instructions

astron® Labtec Pro - Instructions
Denture material, also for interim restorations

astron® Labtec Reline  (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

astron® Labtec Reline - Instructions

Abrasive Cups (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)



Bluestar Diamat-Polishing paste

Boehme Telescope pliers "Flipper"

BRIGHT SPOT II™ from Taub™
liquid occlusion indicator

Brushes, Robinson (Page from KKD-Catalogue)

Bur Racks  (Page from TOPDENT-Catalogue)

I + J

Implantology - RB Line (Pages from KKD-Catalogues)

Impression trays  (Pages from KKD-Catalogue)


Inlay-Pin Pro Firing Set

Instrument markings (Page from KKD-Catalogues)

Insulating agent for printed 3D models

Jiffy Brushes (Page from KKD-Catalogue)