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astron logo The Original CLEARsplint® Disc

Discs manufactured of CLEARsplint® - no mixing and refilling anymore

Discs made of CLEARsplint® for the CAD/CAM technique. Amine- and MMA-free milling blank for highly aesthetic, transparent and thermoactive comfort splints.
Splints made out of this material always remain flexible due to mouth temperature and adapt excellently to the teeth without losing stability.
For the user, discs made out of CLEARsplint® mean enormous time savings: no more mixing and filling, bubble-free, no polymerisation time.

  • extremely break-resistant, hence optimal protection of the teeth
  • thermoplastic flexibility which provides greater, comfortable and tension-free wearing comfort
  • hypoallergenic, free of MMA (residual monomer content of MMA =0 )
  • self-adjusting with memory effect. This superb accuracy permits the closest fit
  • always transparent – will not yellow with age, since amine-free

Advantages of ASTRON CLEARsplint® that speak for themselves!

Discs mit Schulter und Zirkonzahn
Discs with shoulder and Zirkonzahn
Perfekte Fräsergebnisse mit wenig Nacharbeit
Perfect milling results with little rework
Aufbisschiene thermoaktiviert

bite protection thermoactivated

Design at its best!
RWT X-ray Holder system with new bite blocks

Bite blocks at their best: sophisticated and more comfortable to handle.

  • Enhanced clamping part: image plates and films are gently hold in position.
  • The new design of holes enables an even easier attaching and separating of the bite blocks to/from the indicator arm.
  • On the back appropriate sizes are indicated.
  • Blocks are more rounded, hence less edges.
  • NEW: bite block „Posterior SMALL“ Size 0/1

KKD RWT Bissplatten available as individuals or in Sets:


RWT® COLOR Basic equipment

Complete assortment for anterior-, posterior- and bitewing radiographs with multiple bite blocks and indicator arms. Sufficient to prepare and assemble 4 complete holders.

  • 4 indicator arms
  • 4 aiming rings
  • 18 bite blocks

RWT window x-ray® COLOR Safety Basic equipment

Holder assortment with windows 3x4 for anterior- and posterior radiographs.


  • 3 indicator arms
  • 3 aiming rings 3x4
  • 8 SAFETY bite blocks
  • 8 „Standard“ bite blocks

RWT window x-ray® COLOR Safety Plus Profi equipment

Holder assortment with window 3x4 and 2x3 for anterior- and posterior radiographs for maximum radiation protection with windows in 2 different sizes.

  • 3 indicator arms
  • 3 aiming rings 3x4
  • 2 aiming rings 2x3
  • 8 SAFETY bite blocks
  • 8 „Standard“ bite blocks

TOPDENT Perladia
Abrasive rubbers with large filling content of high pure diamonds

Due to the unique bonding technology of rubber and diamonds the PERLADIA enables simultaneous removal and polishing of zirconia, pressed ceramics and ceramics in one operation on nano level.

Therefore plaque adhesions to ceramic restorations are kept to a minimum.


  • Long service life
  • Can be used up to the head of the mandrel
  • High quality and workmanship
  • Efficient removal with simultaneous nano polishing
  • Low heat generation due to high diamond content